Thank you for contacting NewDay.

If you had an Aqua, Marbles, Fluid or Opus branded loan, we wish to inform you that NewDay Ltd has sold its portfolio of loan accounts to Asset Link Capital (No. 7) Limited, and that your unsecured personal loan was included in the sale.  Please be assured that the sale of your account is not in any way as a result of the way that you have managed it.

This sale is in accordance with the terms of your loan agreement, and from now on, Asset Link Capital (No. 7) will be the lender in respect of your loan. The terms and conditions of your loan will not change, and your scheduled payments and the interest rate that you pay will stay the same. 

All future correspondence about your loan should be addressed to Asset Link Capital (No. 7), who will administer all aspects of your loan.This includes collecting your payments, which should all now be made to Asset Link Capital (No. 7) and not to NewDay Ltd.  Asset Link Capital (No. 7) will also handle any complaints, provide help if you are in financial difficulties and answer any queries you may have about your agreement.

The relevant credit reference agencies have or will be contacted about the transfer of your loan and they will update the information that they hold about you. They may send you an automated notification about this, which will be for information only. This change will have no impact on your credit score.

If you have any questions about your loan or the transfer to Asset Link Capital (No. 7), please contact Asset Link Capital (No. 7) on 02920 858788 or via email at

Asset Link Capital (No. 7)’s customer services team are available 8am – 8:30pm Monday to Thursday, 9am – 5pm on Friday and Saturday.